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each wild idea

 Producing and collaborating on creative endeavours that embed arts participation into the everyday lives of many. 

Participating in arts and cultural activities has multiple benefits for health and wellbeing including strengthening our social connection to others. The more regularly you engage in the arts, the better your health outcomes, with some research citing an optimum of 100+ hours a year. The more you do, the greater the benefits.

The Cultural Pharmacy is a cultural prescribing model that helps community members navigate their way towards local cultural assets and new creative habits that nourish you. Distilled from the Cultural Pharmacy installation project at Artlands 2018 and the Cultural Pharmacy Testing Project with Mount Alexander Shire Council and VicHealth in 2020, this new iteration is led by photographic artist and visual arts all-rounder, Carolyn Dew. The Pharmacy is looking to relaunch at selected GP services in central Victoria.