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With a track record of supporting nascent regional arts initiatives,

Carolyn Dew of Each Wild Idea can help you realise your wild art idea.  


Learning from local artists


Creative development workshops with some of central Victoria's finest artists and teachers. 




Local Curated Program

Artlands Victoria

October 2018

To make an artwork is to make a gift, to present it publicly is to initiate an exchange of ideas and knowledge. Selected artworks made by visual artists from the central regions of Victoria were exhibited in the historic locations of the Artlands precinct. Hailing from the regions between the Blackwood forests of Trentham to the Mallee town of Chinkapook, participating artists represented a glimpse at the rich and diverse artistic practices of central Victoria. Artists include Donna Bailey, Garry Bish, Denis Chapman, Paul Fletcher, Gabrielle Martin, Tashara Roberts, Alex Sansen, Sir Leslie Thornton, Karen Ward and Robby Wirramanda.


Research & Project Coordination

Cultural Pharmacy

Artlands Victoria

October 2018

Supported by VicHealth, this fantastical installation draws on the latest research connecting arts participation with health and wellbeing.  Created by set designer Darryl Cordell, with Eliza-Jane Gilchrist and Mark Penzak, from the Castlemaine based performance ensemble 'Such As They Are', the Cultural Pharmacy gives the audience an immersive and sensory experience where ailments are symbolically distilled and transformed into new, restorative creative experiences.



Wild & Tamed

Wild & Tamed

Book & Exhibition

Regional Centre for Culture project

November 2018

Photographs by Carolyn Dew and Rhys Jones.

Self-published photo book produced by Carolyn Dew.




A Moving Experiment in Still Life

Art at the Star Cinema November 2017

Egg the Show -  Antechamber

This exhibition elevated participation and playfulness over artistic mastery by showing the works of experienced artists next to amateur makers. Exhibitors were all invited to make an artwork of a specific size in response to the genre of still life and the subject matter of ‘eggs’. In two short workshops under the guidance of artist and teacher Gabrielle Martin, 10 amateur and first-time painters produced work for the exhibition. Some of the exhibitors are artists well known for working in other mediums. For this exhibition, everyone gave themselves over to the process of painting a study, regardless of their experience. Participating artists included Rebekah Hughes, Tony Day, Louis Miller & Susan Hewitt, Kate M, Jessie & Sunday Trott, Peter Waples-Crowe, Vic Birkby, Prue Mansfield, Susan McMinn, Clare Hansford, Andy Miller, Donna Bailey, Fiona McMahon, Nickie King, Noel Hourigan, Ed & Miles Turner, Coen J Kendall and Jacob W Kendall, Leaf Bennett & Anonymous.


Collaborative Drawing Table - Old Council Chambers

An open invitation to the community to contribute to an epic communal tabletop drawing where expert draughters and inexperienced scribblers were encouraged to join in. Local artist Tony Day led the drawing by giving guidance and encouragement. Contributors responded to still life arrangements and drew from their imaginations. The drawing developed over the weekend and the final work was put on display in the antechamber.


The Cinema

A program of films around art.

Cnr Peg Leg & Sailors Gully Roads, Eaglehawk, Central Victoria

Delivered in partnership with the Star Cinema and supported by the City of Greater Bendigo,  through their community grants program


Unearthly Gardens

Colour Factory Gallery,  Melbourne

Summer 2011-2012

Featuring photographs by artists Angela Bailey, Magdalena Bors, Carolyn Dew, Marian Drew, Lee Grant and Peter Lambropoulos. 

The garden is wilderness re-imagined and re-arranged. Gardens are shaped by cultural forces as much as they are by weather and growing conditions. The imagined garden comes into reality only rarely, if ever. A specimen matured and shapely, bearing perfect fruit, flowers in full bloom on upright stems, plants defined as weeds are absent, the scene is basking in warm sunlight or light shade. Ideal. The garden conceptualised is rarely the garden realised but mostly remains an elusive and ephemeral vision. This exhibition looked at our desires to control and contort the natural world into an ideal and asks, what does this reveal about our relationship with nature?


Feeble: Selected Photographs & Found Objects by Glenn Sloggett

Artist as Curator Series

George Paton Gallery, Melbourne University SU